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" Transforming the learning experience through effort and design to produce a special setting where students are provided the care, attention, resources, and success-oriented experiences that promote their development into independent, self-directed successful adults. "

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Founded by the Choctaw Nation in 1891, Jones Academy has provided a home and education to American Indian children from as many as 29 different federally recognized tribes across the United States. Each year approximately 200 students in grades 1-12 live on campus in a nurturing activity-filled environment.

Jones Academy strives to involve all students in cultural, educational and recreational activities in a special setting where students are given the care, attention and resources needed to ensure they develop into independent, self-directed adults.

Jones Academy Elementary School Sets High Marks in
National Student Achievement

NWEAT Tesr Results 1AAA

Catherine Fatheree, Oklahoma Area Education Line Officer, offered congratulations to Jones Academy and the Choctaw Nation! In the recently-released summary, “Bureau of Indian Education Report on Student Achievement and Growth: 2009-10 to 2012-13,” the Northwest Evaluation Association recognized Jones Academy as one of the top-performing schools in the Bureau of Indian Education. They were acknowledged for academic achievement in both math and reading.

The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) formed a partnership with the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) to provide the BIE with an annual summary of test performance for students across all BIE schools. This beneficial summary provides the BIE with valuable information about achievement and growth trends for students throughout the BIE system, and it is useful in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the broader BIE system and in individual schools.

During the 2012-13 school year, 147 BIE schools across 23 states participated in the NWEA testing program which measures math and reading performance. Over 26,000 students took part in the testing. Jones Academy was one of the highest-achieving schools in both math and reading. Out of the 147 schools tested, Jones Academy finished 4th overall nationally in math achievement and 6th overall in reading.

Brad Spears, Superintendent of Jones Academy, commended the hard work and dedication of the academic staff. “The teachers, assistants, tutors, and newly-hired principal Robert Ray have done an outstanding job in educating our students. Our students live at Jones Academy and the dorm-staff play an important role in developing our students. It takes a team effort--all departments working together--to achieve this kind of recognition.” Mr. Spears went on to praise the students for their efforts and dedication to learning.

Mr. Spears concluded by saying, “The Jones Academy staff work diligently to improve academic skills as evidenced in this report. We are proud that they have chosen to meet the needs of Indian children in this and many other ways at Jones Academy. Again, great job, staff and students!”

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